Friday, January 28, 2011

im ELF! we are ELF..oheyo!

anyeong haesyo...
im ELF..ever lasting of super junior

lagu ni khas untuk super junior..peminat2 cina yang buat lagu ni..untuk suju...suke tengok..sedih..dorang betul hargai ELF..

and this is the reason why i want to go SS3..i want be a part of ELF..see our support them no matter what.oppas...hwaiting!! this week..ss3 in Singapore..hwaiting!

tak kire la..pagi ke.baru bangun tidur ke..aku suka sangat tengok video ni..pastu menangis..hahaha..gila kan.aura suju tu kuat..nak2 dah nak ss3 ni.kalau tak dapat pergi..pun tak apa.tapi sedih la :)
kalau dapat pergi..hehe..rasa2nya..inilah kekuatan nak buat final project dengan deabak..haha.

"let a little tiny wish
be built like a giant heaven
thirteen balloons are flying
with sapphire blue hopes
we are by your side on the way while you are looking for your dreams
no matter what future may bring,
we still clapping hands for you.."

let's make this earth full of sapphire blue ocean..

will support my oppas till the end~~

'we stay in your heart
be with you as always hand in hand
despite any disastrous hurricanes
we are on your side forever and ever
to wish you happiness sincerely
to be your guideline angel with all our hearts
let us hold hands
flying toward the Sapphire Blue Sky"


Anonymous said...

mungkin tercapai hasrat kamu tu.insyaAllah

BellaBasri said...

kalau boleh mmg nak pergi.

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